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Search Jobs and Internships

Exploring career opportunities is the first step to landing a job at graduation.

Your job and internship search can seem daunting, but the Office of Career Management is here to help. Schedule an appointment to help you create a internship and/or job search plan that will keep you focused and on track for success.

Top Job and Internship Search Websites

Bobcat CareerLink – Access hundreds of job and internship opportunities from employers looking for Business Bobcat talent. Call or email the Office of Career Management if you need login information.

Attend Career Events – Look for employer events at Ohio University, including the Ohio University Career Fair and College of Business Nights of Networking.

LinkedIn for Students – Connect to the world's largest professional network and customize your internship and job searches based on interest, industry, location, and more.

Top Company and Industry Research Websites

Hoovers – Examine company overviews, history, competitors, financials, industry trends, and more.

Vault – Explore surveys of top employers, career advice, job listings, and industry career guides.

Buzzfile – Research employers by major, state, city, industry, and more.

Other Useful Websites

Payscale – Study salary reports based on your job title, location, education, skills and experience.

TeamWork Online – Browse sports-related job and internship opportunities.

Ohio Means Internships – Discover internships with up-and-coming businesses in Ohio.

Glassdoor – Search jobs, read reviews and company pros and cons, learn about salaries and benefits, and practice for interviews based on information directly from employees.

Occupational Outlook Handbook – Review training, earnings, job prospects, and more for various careers.

Going Global – Find international jobs and internship opportunities and H-1B opportunities in the U.S.

O*Net – Aid job searches by providing occupational information which aligns skills and interests.

Online Reputation Management – Manage your presence , 92 percent of recruiters search candidates online.

Stay Focused

Searching for a job or internship is a process. Here are a few tips to keep you organized:

  • Meet with the Office of Career Management to give you a jumpstart. They can review your resume and provide tailored career advice and information based on your skills, values, and interests.
  • Develop a list of target employers based on your company and industry research. This will help direct your search.
  • Identify two or three professionals (faculty, staff, previous employers) to serve as references. Ask them to be references as you begin your job search.
  • Create an Excel or Word document to track pertinent information on each of the positions you are interested in: Position, company, how/where you identified position, contact information, application deadline date, application submission date, application follow-up date (if necessary), interview date(s), thank you note sent date.
  • Check and double check that you are addressing emails and cover letters to the correct contact, especially if managing applications and interviews for multiple companies.
  • Send thank you notes after your interview. Each person you interacted with should receive a thank you note, if you do not have their contact information prior to the interview, ask them for a business card at the conclusion of the interview.
  • Be positive. Being successful in your search it is not about the number of applications you submit, it is about identifying positions that are right for you and being a prepared candidate.