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Center for Professional Communication


Welcome to the College of Business' Center for Professional Communication at Ohio University. Our mission is to help you achieve academic, intellectual, and professional goals by providing instruction and guidance in all facets of communication, from writing and speaking to listening and group or team interaction.

The center is located in CBA 015 and is open by appointment during the regular academic term.

Business communication is different than academic. Employers are looking for specific things; clarity, conciseness, and tone. Our mission is to help students develop those skills.

Professor Catherine Penrod, director of the Center for Professional Communication


To make an appointment with a Center for Professional Communication faculty member or communication consultant, please schedule a consultation. You will have the option to choose one of the following services: 

  • Communicating Effectively @ Copeland Associates (Integrated Business Cluster)
  • Writing for Accounting
  • Writing for Business Courses
  • Presenting for Business Courses
  • Writing for Business Communication
  • Writing for Strategy