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Online Writing Lab Resources

Resources to Refine Your Writing.

The following links offer writers access to Web sites with relevant and publicly accessible online "handouts," style guides, and writing tips. In some instances these sites also provide clickable links to additional sites that focus on the writing process, expository and creative. Perhaps your campus maintains a similar online service. If so, be sure to sample its offerings with an eye toward refining your writing style.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

This is the premier site for online writing help. It provides an amazing collection of resources that are open to everyone. You will find detailed handouts and tips for grammar and mechanics, conducting research, using MLA and APA citation formats, developing a research paper, preparing an outline, and much more.

St. Cloud University – The Write Place Catalogue

This site offers handouts with tips on business writing, citing sources, grammar, the writing process, punctuation, sentence structure, and types of writing.

University of Illinois, Springfield – Writing Handouts

You can learn more about punctuation, résumés and cover letters, test-taking tips, research paper guidelines, and documentation styles at this site.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

This site helps writers get started. It offers pages devoted to basic punctuation, problem areas, sentence concepts, subject choice, and freewriting.