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Student Services

Meet your academic advisor

Professional academic advisors play an important role in your OHIO experience. College of Business academic advisors are committed to helping you achieve your goals. For future students, we are your point of contact for arranging to sit in on a class, talk to current students, meet faculty and administrators, and guidance for admissions into the College of Business. For current students, we provide academic advisingdiversity programs, and administrative support. 

To schedule an academic advising appointment, please log in to Handshake.


How to schedule an appointment with Handshake

1. Visit and use your OHIO ID and password to login.
2. Click the "Career Center" drop-down & select "Appointments"
3. Select "Schedule a New Appointment"
4. Choose “College of Business Academic Advising” 
5. Choose the topic you want to discuss (see the options below)
6. Select an “Advisor"

  • Academic Advisors can be found in column one of your DARS

7. Complete the information and select "Request". 

 For information about career coaching, click here


Academic Advising Topics 

Our academic advisors can help you navigate your College of Business experience. Choose from one of the following topics when you book your advising appointment in Handshake. 

  • Scheduling Questions: Discuss courses for your schedule. This includes adding or dropping a course in your current semester.

  • Graduation Audit: Have your DARS reviewed to determine the courses you still have left in order to graduate (only for Juniors and Seniors in the College of Business).

  • Discuss Major, Minor, or Certificate Programs: Receive information on different majors, minors, or certificates offered in the College of Business.

  • Struggling Academically: If you’d like to earn higher grades than the ones you are currently earning, an academic advisor can suggest a strategy for improvement. For maximum impact, please make this appointment as early in the semester as possible.

  • Transferring into the College of Business: This appointment is for students who are not yet in the College of Business but wish to apply or transfer into COB. You can also choose this option if you wish to discuss classes for next semester.

  • Transfer Credit or Course Substitution: Students who wish to take classes at another institution, or who have previously taken a course and want to have it re-evaluated, choose this appointment and bring with you course descriptions with you to your appointment.

  • Global Perspectives and Study Abroad: Students in need of getting approval for courses leading to study abroad should select this appointment. Additionally, this is for students who want to know if experiences they have already had, or will have, count to fulfill the Global Perspective requirement.

  • International Student Academic Advising: International students who want to know more about OPT, semester away from OHIO, wishing to take less than 12 hours, or international forms need to choose this appointment. Please let your advisor know in the exact nature of your appointment prior to. Please bring any forms with you to the appointment.

  • I am not happy at Ohio University: If you're unhappy with any aspect of your Ohio University experience, an academic advisor can listen supportively and make suggestions for having a more positive university experience. For maximum impact, please make this appointment as early in the semester as possible.


Office Hours

Our office is located in Copeland Hall, Suite 214, and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Advising drop-in hours are 1-4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Need help?

For questions, call 740.593.2042 or email